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Kajaro stands as Iran’s most popular tourism media, boasting an impressive three million monthly active users.

Since its establishment in 2015, Kajaro has diligently curated an array of services encompassing tourism news, travel guides, visa assistance, and travel equipment recommendations. Over the years, Kajaro has evolved into an authoritative and trustworthy source, serving as the go-to reference for discovering a diverse range of tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants in Iran and across the globe. Their dedicated team has meticulously crafted content for various cities in Iran and worldwide, providing a valuable resource for travelers near and far.

At Kajaro, the primary objective is to elevate the awareness of Iran as a burgeoning tourism hub. By fostering an exchange of knowledge and experiences, they aim to shed light on other travel destinations while producing top-notch content. Through their platform, Kajaro strives to create a community where individuals can share their journeys, inspire others, and ignite the passion for exploration in newcomers.

We take immense pride in collaborating with Kajaro and contributing to their vision of promoting Iran as an enticing travel destination.

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